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Tetanus - £139.00

Tetanus is present in the environment around the world. The disease is caused by bacteria found in soil entering the body through a cut or wound. The bacteria can survive for a long time outside of the body and can infect individuals by animal bites and scratches, burns, cuts and grazes by contaminated or rusty objects and unsterile equipment for procedures such as body piercings, tattoos and injections.

Symptoms of tetanus usually begin around 10 days after exposure/infection. It is not uncommon for symptoms them to appear 4 – 21 days. Symptoms of tetanus can include but are not limited to: difficulties in swallowing, high temperature and sweating, increased heart rate and stiffness in jaw muscles.


The tetanus vaccination should be administered in several doses. A minimum of 5 doses of a tetanus containing vaccine is required to have long-term protection. Boosted doses of Tetanus is advised and required if you have not received all 5 doses previously.

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