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Hygiene Services

Scale and Polish

This is a routine procedure to clean the teeth and gums. A scaler is used to clean around and under the gums to remove any plaque deposits and the teeth are then polished to remove any stain and biofilm. This is normally done on a regular basis to maintain the health of the gums and teeth to prevent gum disease.

Stain Removal

At High Trees Clinic we offer an advanced polishing treatment called air flow or air polishing. This uses air and polishing powder which removes plaque deposits and surface stains from tea, coffee, red wine and smoking.

Periodontal Treatment

This is an in-depth gum treatment for people who suffer from gum disease and this will normally be performed by one of our dental hygienists. They will record special gum measurements and carry out thorough and deep cleaning of the gums to help prevent the gum disease from progressing further which can then lead to tooth loss. This treatment is normally done over a few appointments and is monitored on a regular basis. It is important that you see your dentist and hygienist regularly to prevent gum disease from getting any worse.

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