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Meningitis B (1 dose) - £199.00
Meningitis B (2 doses) - £309.00

Meningococcal meningitis is a highly dangerous disease which causes inflammation and damage to the lining of the brain which can lead to the infection of the cerebrospinal fluid. The inflammation and pressure around the brain can also lead to nerve damage.

Most common symptoms of the Meningitis B disease include a high fever, vomiting and lose of appetite, stiff neck and sensitivity to light, cold hands and feet, pale skin with a blotchy red rash and rapid breathing.

The vaccination is suitable for individuals aged between 2 months and 50 years old. It is unsuitable for any person who has had a severe allergy to any vaccine component and any person who has ever had a severe allergic reaction to a previous dose. It may also not be suitable for those with a weakened immune system.

Your vaccination should be administered at least 6 weeks prior to travel and is administered in 2 doses.

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