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Blood Tests


Allergy Screen (UK) Blood Test - £388.00

This allergy screen provides a comprehensive analysis of the most common allergens which can cause IgE mediated allergies in the United Kingdom.

An ideal test to be used as an initial investigation screen for people with signs of IgE mediated allergy such as hives, redness of the skin, vomiting and lip or facial swelling which develops quickly after being exposed to an allergen. A positive reaction to one of the mixes tested for allows you to narrow down which substances are likely to be causing your allergy, but does not allow the single allergen to be identified. So you may need to arrange a further test for the single allergens in one of the mixes.

The allergens tested are:

  • Food mix: cod, cow’s milk, egg white, soya bean, peanut

  • Wheat grass mix: cocksfoot, meadow fescue, meadow rye, timothy.

  • Single allergens: cat dander, Cladosporium herbarium, dog dander, house dust mite,

    latex, cod.


This test also checks levels of total immunoglobulin E, which are often increased in people with an IgE mediated allergy

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